EU Risk Dashboard Released

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EU Risk Dashboard Released

EU Risk Dashboard

About the app

The EU Risk Dashboard is a web app developed by Open Risk to assist with the exploration and understanding of the large number of economic indicators published by the ECB in its Statistical Data Warehouse. The app data are derived from the timeseries available in the Warehouse. Most readings in the currently selected series are monthly and update automatically when those become available at the Warehouse.

How the Volatility Gauge works

The volatility gauge aims to capture in a visually rich and informative way key aspects of the economic data. Each data series is normalized and scaled by its volatility. The color coded dial measures in units of standard deviation. Hence the zero level (12:00 position) corresponds to the long-term average value - which is assumed green. The current reading is indicated by the main hand. The three previous readings are also shown in paler versions of the hand (these are not shadows!). Two silver colored hands indicate the minimum and maximum value observed in the series.

The economic data releases

Below the dashboard dials you can find:

  • Links to the source of the timeseries and their definitions
  • Two relevant news feeds, namely the ECB and Eurostat News releases.